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    • Nuclear Science Teacher Activity booklet

Candace C. Davison and Lois W. Lunetta, editor.

For many summers the Radiation Science and Engineering Center at Penn State has been the site of a Nuclear Concepts and Technological Issues Institute for secondary school science teachers. As a culminating activity of the institute teachers develop lesson plans, laboratory experiments, demonstrations, or other activities and projects to take with them for use in their own science classrooms.

This booklet contains twenty especially creative, unusual, or well designed projects selected from those devised during recent summers, with the hope that they may prove useful to other science teachers in their classrooms. Many of the activities are very simple and appropriate for various classes and grade levels. A few are more complex and therefore better suited to upper level or advanced science classes. Some activities may be done individually in class or at home; others require cooperation by one or more groups of students in order to obtain sufficient data to complete the project. Several interesting activities include simulations, games and puzzles.

Booklets are available for only the cost of envelope and postage (while supplies last). To receive a booklet please send a self-addressed 10" by 13" empty padded or non-tear (Tyvek type) envelope with PRIORITY POSTAGE to:

Penn State Breazeale Reactor

University Park, PA 16802

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Note that Priority Postage is $3.00 for up to two pounds sent anywhere in the U.S. (Note that the booklet weighs 1.5 pounds.) The $3.00 postage must be affixed to the envelope and PRIORITY written on the envelope. Check with your local post office for envelope and postage details.

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